Consulate information
  • As photography features, the below mentioned conditions that take part in I.C.A.O. regulations are taken as a reference:
  1. The photograph must be recently taken for at least within six months,35x40 mm sized,light coloured,on a self-coloured fon,clear v +e neutrel,spotless and must hold perfect light and contrast settings.Light should be prorated equally on the face,no shadow,no reflection,no red-eye effect should be on the photo.It should be printed on a highly resolved photograph paper of good quality.
  2. In the first plan,the photograph must show the face and shoulders of the applicant (the face must cover the %70 -80 of the whole photograph),reflect natural colours.Eyes should be open and easily visible and must not be covered by hair.The photograph should be taken exactly from the twelve o'clock direction and should not be in a portrait style or oblique,it should demonstrate both sides of the face .
  3. The person whose photo is taken should be looking directly to the objective and facial features should be visible with a neutrel expression,mouth closed.
  4. If eyeglasses are worn,there should be no reflections on the spectacles,totally open eyes and spectacles should be colourless as well.Thick frames that close some parts of the eyes should not be used.
  5. Veil is acceptable but forehead from the lower end of the chin and both sides of the face should be clearly visible.
  • Unless otherwise stated ,the original of the required document together with a photocopy should be presented and all documents should be at least three months recent.
  • All required documents together with the signatures and seals should be legable,both seals and signatures must not be one after the other.
  • The period of avaliability of The Register Certificate provided by electronic web site is one month.
  • Visit our web page for the relatives of European Union Member Countries(spouse,children under 21 or dependent children,parents,dependent father-in-law,mother-in-law)
  • It is highly recommended ,for couples and groups travelling together to present the visa photocopy of the accompanying person.
  • The applicant can submit his/her application from IDATA offices either individually or by a third person representing tha applicant ,but if a representative is preferred a letter of attorney-fullfilled authorization form should be presented.The authorized person should present the original authorization form signed by the applicant together with a photocopy of his/her own identity card on which the TR identity number is indicated.In any situation,the applicant is responsible for the application form signment and also control of whether the application submission is made correct together with the required documents.In case of a fake or revised document presentation both the applicant and the authorized person will be blamed.For minors(under 18 years old)the application form and IDATA authority form should be signed by both the mother and father of the applicant for all types of application.

NOTE: Minors -under 18 years old can not apply individually.

  • A document prepared by a foreign country can be accepted valid only if it is properly certified.(and if translated to English or Italian).
  • The General Consulate does not possess the authority and means for a third country to evaluate the inhabitant person's economic,commercial and professional conditions.
Important Notes
  • During the evaluation of your applications you may be called for an interview by The Italian Consulate and in addition to the above mentioned matters you may be asked further documents by the Consulate.In both cases the visa process time and passport delivery time may differ.
  • Visa fee and iDATA coordination fee are charged for every single application and is not paid back.
  • In conditions such as;the existance of a valid visa covering the whole period of the trave ,the visa applications will not be accepted.
  • In conditions like ;conflicting surnames,divorce,being a relative of an EU citizen e.t.c ,applicants may be asked to present The Family Register Certificate.
  • The passports of those who got married but still hold their maiden surnames on the passport will not be considered as valid,visa process can be applied only to passports on which the new surname has been indicated.