We would like to inform you that as per the Italian visa regulations (Art 5C 1DPR 394/1999) the long-term visa applications will be submitted in the country of permanent residence. Therefore we would like to inform our applicants that the long-term visa applications submitted by holders of temporary residence in Turkey for tourism (short term) will not be accepted.

Under normal circumstances,visa applications are concluded within 5 days,after the completion of the application process.(It is necessary to add 2 more work days for applications submitted to IDATA'S Kadıköy,Bursa and Trabzon offices.)

For some foreign country citizens,except for Turkey, the visa conclusion process takes about 15 days.

During the workload increase period of the General Consulate ,especially before the Turkish and Italian festive holidays,the required time for the visa process may extend.It is highly recommended to submit the application as early as possible.


The evaluation of visa applications by the Istanbul General Consulate of Italy is mainly based on verification of the applicant's social,professional and economic situations.For this purpose, personal documents and/or if dependent to parents(this situation is valid when it comes to foreign nationality students who stay temporarily in Turkey to continue their educative programs)documents regarding their parents are required.

It should be reminded that ;The Italian General Consulate of Istanbul does not have the necessary sufficiency and means to evaluate the economic,commercial and professional profiles of the habitants living in a third country,also it is not possible to evaluate a valuable document provided by a third country and lastly unless, the document arranged by foreign public institutions ,is not translated to Italian or English and officially certified,will not be accepted.

Because of the above mentioned reasons,it will be very difficult to make an affirmative evaluation on the visa applications of some foreign national citizens who are part of some categories. For Example:

  • Applicants who present in Turkey for a temporary time for touristic,work or commercial purposes and prefer to submit their applications from Istanbul, to avoid the necessity of the return to their own constant country of residence.
  • Applicants who resident in Turkey for a short time and can not prove any evidence for their constant material and professional conditions or applicants who desire the evaluation of their own resident country conditions through their own resident country official, foreign,valuable documents.
  • Foreign nationality students who present in Turkey for a temporary time for the purpose of education, whose parents are residential in other countries,and submitting uncertified valuable or official foreign documents representing their parents, during their own visa application requests.