All of our additional services are subject to your preference and in addition to the Visa fee + iDATA Coordination fee.


PCR ( Covid-19 ) Test Booking

Upon your arrival at our offices for visa application , you can request a PCR test. Trained and experticed staff of our contracted healthcare service provider may come to the adress you specified , on the day and... More...

Premium Lounge Service

Aplicants who prefer to obtain a visa for Italy in a cosy and exclusive environment may get the advantage of a Premium Lounge Service from our offices. Your application process will be carried out as quickly as possible in our specially prepared office for you. More...

Express Application

You can choose our Express service to speed up your application process. If you prefer this service, you will be offered a special delivery service for your application and will pass through the internal processes of iDATA quickly and your application file will be forwarded to the Consulate General of Italy in Istanbul in order to carry out the transactions / evaluations. More...

Prime Time Application

You can also apply to our office in Istanbul (Gayrettepe) outside of our office hours. In particular, this service will enable applicants to apply for flexible appointments. More...

Biometric photo

You may have the biometric photos required for your application taken at iDATA offices, in accordance with the rules of the concerned Consulate.

Application Form Filling

We are able to fill out the application form by our visa consultants at iDATA offices.

Passport delivery by cargo

Following your application, you may use a cargo service for the delivery of your passport. Your cargo shall be delivered to the address you specify below. Please be sure that the information you provide is correct. You may track your cargo from the website of the contracted cargo company.

You can benefit from our online shipping service after the application follow-up.

Photocopy, fax and printout services

You may get all the printouts and photocopies required for your application at iDATA offices. Note: Due to our data security policy, documents cannot be printed from devices such as USB memory.


(Free of charge)

You shall be informed through text message when your passport reaches iDATA offices after your application is processed. We would like to remind you that lines those block advertising messages cannot receive our text messages.

You may benefit from our extra services at iDATA offices for the procedures related to your visa application. Opting for extra services at iDATA offices has no effect on the consulate decision or processing times.