October 2017

Legal Information about the fraudulent Employment/Job offer;

iDATA is the official authorized institution for visa applications for Germany and Italy in Turkey and www.idata.com.tr is the only official Website of iDATA. It has been discovered by iDATA that some individuals/institutions identify themselves as the Agent or Substitute of iDATA and in this context they take job offer and provide employment opportunity and attempted to defraud Person to steal their data and money. We recommend to acting discreet and careful in situations with such job promises, employment offers and visas for money. These offers are false, void and have unconnected iDATA. These persons use the name of iDATA illegal and use without authority the registered Logo of iDATA by means of Internet site/Website and especially Internet, Email, Phone and similar methods for their illegal actuations/deeds. iDATA warns the people involved of this type of fraud.

iDATA is not a human resource company ad does not offer any kind of employment services. iDATA is a Visa Application office which is only in cooperation with governments and lead the diplomatic mediations services for the Visa application. If you receive a claim for money or whichever offer with the Name of iDATA you must assume that this offer has a fraudulent background.

We have some examples and suggestions regarding fraud symptoms and fake employment opportunities that violate the ethical aspects of iDATA.

  • It cannot be prevented that the fake websites under the name iDATA are at the top of all search engines. We ask you to make sure that the visited website starts with the idata.com / ... link.
  • Is there an iDATA logo on the website? Please do not contact every website with an iDATA logo. Make sure you are on the official iDATA website before contacting.
  • Please disclose private and confidential information. Never share your information on websites you are unsure of.
  • Contact is requested by phone or via various messaging programs (SMS or WhatsApp)
  • Do not consider instructions for bank transfer fee requests that are desirable for an appointment or application.
  • Note no payment requirements (refundable deposits) for a lay visa.
  • You will be asked to fill out a form, e.g. B. a visa application form or a hiring form. Check that the official iDATA logo has been placed on the document without permission.

These types of acts are intended to steal the information from applicants and to defraud the applicants. These types of actions are under legal and criminal liability. iDATA is seriously prosecuting these acts and legal action against these websites and individuals.

Please do not transfer any requested payments. Call the call center at 0850 460 8493 for more information.

 In case you get involved in this type of action, you can file a complaint by the police force or the public prosecutor.

iDATA bears no liability for the accrued for the resulting damage, complaint or losses through actions from this individuals or corporations.


0850 460 84 93 - www.idata.com.tr