1. Can I send my application by courier?

No, applications sent by courier are not accepted. Each applicant should apply at an iDATA office in person or through a person authorized by proxy.

2. Are the term of my travel health insurance and the visa period related?

It is sufficient to have a travel health insurance which covers the whole travel period.

3. Can I change my shipment address?

No, it is not possible to change the address given to the courier services on the order submitted during the application.

4. What are the passport delivery hours?

You may find the detailed information on business hours here.

5. How can I track my delivery?

You may track your passport using the information provided in the text message sent to you by the courier company upon your request.

6. Can somebody else receive my passport?

The passports cannot delivered to people other than those whose names are on the tracking receipt submitted to you during your application. You are required to present a valid ID document when picking up your passport in person, while someone else with proxy powers may receive the passport by presenting the original receipt and a valid ID document.

7. Can I cancel my courier order?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your courier order. An applicant may cancel a courier order through the iDATA call center once the passport is released from the Embassy/Consulate. Warning: Canceled courier orders are not refunded.

8. Do I have to use the additional services provided by iDATA?

All of our additional services are optional and do not affect the process or the result.