1. What is the validity period of the required documents?

The validity period of official documents vary by the document. You may find information about the validity period of documents here.

2. Does an invitation letter from Germany/Italy which includes the names of all the applicants collectively accepted?

No, the invitation letter should include only the applicant's name.

3. I will be traveling to a Schengen country with my own vehicle; which documents related to my vehicle should I submit?

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you should attach the international vehicle insurance for your vehicle, a copy of your international driver's license, your vehicle license and an itinerary letter to the documents requested.

4. We will be traveling with our minor child. Should both parents issue separate consent letters?

In the applications of parents with minor children, both the mother and the father should issue consent letters.

5. We have a child under the age of 18. We are divorced and I will be going abroad with my child. Should I submit a consent letter?

If the court granted one of the parents the right to see his/her child on certain days, a consent letter is required for application.

6. We are divorced and I will be going abroad with my child; I have full custody of my child. Is it necessary for both parents to issue consent letters?

No, if the court did not grant one of the parents the right to see his/her child on certain days and if only one parent has full custody, then the court decision should be submitted and a consent letter from the other parent is not required during application.

7. Where can I find detailed information about the required documents?

You may find the detailed information on your documents here.

8. I do not have the full set of employment documents as I have just started working, what should I do?

A statement of employment including your start date and a personal petition supporting this information shall be submitted.

9. Does a second degree relative may be accepted as guarantor?

No. Only first degree relatives should be submitted as guarantor for the application. Parents are accepted for single applicants, and only the spouses are accepted for married applicants.

10. For family visits, is a document proving blood relations or affinity required?

Yes. In family visits, a copy of the certificate of identity register of the individual with the relevant family listed should be submitted to prove that the person sending the invitation letter is a relative.

11. What should be the properties of my travel health insurance?

The coverage of your travel health insurance should at least be EUR 30,000, and it should preferably be in English and valid in all Schengen countries. The original and duplicate copies of the policy should be submitted as signed and stamped. Insurance policies which have exemptions or which impose conditions related to health that may limit the coverage or increase the share are not accepted.The spouses and children under the age of 21 of EU/EEC (excl. Germany) citizens are exempt from the travel health insurance requirement. Travel health insurance time period should be arranged to cover your travel dates.

12. Can I use my group/private health insurance?

The Private/Group Insurance issued on behalf of you should cover the conditions and provisions determined by the Consulate for the travel insurance, and it should cover the travel dates. (It should have Eur 30,000 coverage within the scope of travel health insurance and it should be valid in all Schengen countries.)

13. Would it be a problem to sign a missing document declaration for the documents I fail to submit during application?

The Istanbul Italy Consulate General encourages the submission of a complete set of documents in the application file; iDATA is obligated to request a signed missing document declaration for documents that cannot be obtained. The decision is made by the Consulate General.

14. Can I send the missing documents by fax or courier?

If the Istanbul Italy Consulate General requests an additional document or the missing documents, it contacts the applicant directly or via iDATA. Only personal deliveries are accepted for additional and missing documents. Deliveries by courier or fax are not accepted.

15. Can I make an application by proxy?

Applicants who have not submitted fingerprints during a Schengen visa application within the past 59 months (4 years and 11 months) should apply personally. If the applicant has obtained a Schengen visa within the past 59 months (4 years and 11 months) the fingerprints should not be collected and another person may apply on behalf of her/him by proxy. If the applicant cannot provide the information of that visa (photocopy of the visa or indication of visa's data on the application form), it is preferable to collect fingerprints. In exceptional cases, the Consulate may request again the collection of fingerprints.

16. Can I send my application documents by courier?

No, application documents sent by courier are not accepted. After making your appointment through our website, you should personally delivery your application documents on the appointment day.