1. Can I learn the result of my application?

We would like to indicate that iDATA has no power or information regarding the visa results. You can only find out the result of your application once you receive your passport.

2. Can I cancel my application?

It is possible to cancel your application at the Consulate if you wish. The applicant should submit an original signed petition indicating the reason for cancellation to the iDATA offices in person. For the cancellation procedures, one should submit his/her identity documents in person. We would like to remind you that the cancellation process may take a couple of days and that there will be no refunds.

3. How can I check the status of my application?

You may check the status of your application from the Track Your Application tab of our website by using your Application and Passport numbers.

4. I do not understand the terms used on the Track Your Application tab.

iDATA delivery: The application file is being prepared for delivery to the Embassy/Consulate.

At the Consulate: The application file is being processed at the Embassy/Consulate.

Consulate delivery: The processing of the application file at the Embassy/Consulate has finished and it is being prepared to be sent to iDATA.

IDATA return : The application file at the Embassy/Consulate has been returned to iDATA office where the application was made.

Transfer: The passport sent from the Embassy/Consulate is being transferred from the iDATA central office to the office where you made your application. Missing Document: This means that there is a missing document in the file being processed. We request that you contact our call center for information.

5. There is very little time left before my trip but my passport hasn't delivered me yet. What should I do?

The entire process related to your application is up to the Istanbul Italy Consulate General. We remind you that the Consulate General visa process takes 15 business days following the arrival of application file to the Consulate, and we recommend you to check after 15 days.

6. How can I track the process?

You can track your application using the bar code number on the delivery receipt submitted to you during your application.

7. Where can I get information about the result of my application?

You can find out about the results of your application once you receive your passport. iDATA does not have any information on application results.

8. Can I object to a rejection?

You are entitled to appeal within 60 days after you receive your passport. Detailed information on your right of objection is on the rejection letter.