Aplicants who prefer to obtain a visa for Germany in a cosy and exclusive environment may get the advantage of a VIP visa from our offices.
Your application process will be carried out as quickly as possible in our specially prepared office for you.
To submit your application please get an online appoinment from our appoinment system.
You can find the necessary application documents from here.

Additional services offerred for VIP applicants in IDATA offices.

  • Photocopy and fax (Free of charge) Note: Due to our data security policy, documents cannot be printed from devices such as USB memory.
  • Filling the applicant's application form (for a fee)
  • Notification through text message (Free of charge)
  • Application tracking services (Free of charge)
  • Biometric photo (for a fee)
  • Passport delivery by cargo (for a fee).

Notice: In our Harbiye VIP office biometric photoshoot service is not offered.

Applicants who wish to benefit from our VIP service must pay the VIP Service fee in addition to the Visa fee + iDATA Coordination fees.

Visa fee can be paid only by TL or € and only cash. You may pay the iDATA VIP and the Coordination service fees only in cash, in TRY or by credit card.
Please take in consideraton that your preference for VIP service will not effect the decision of the Consulate.


Warning: We would like to state that only Euro banknotes are accepted at our offices and banknotes of 200 Euros and above are not accepted.