Procedure You may find all the document information regarding the Schengen (under 90 days) visa application process.


Important information for the national application in the iDATA offices;

You can book your date for the national visa application (stay of more than 90 days for gainful employment, education, research, studies, language courses, etc. ) at the German embassies abroad at For national visa applications you will receive a serial number after booking the appointment. Upon receipt of the serial number, the registrations are converted chronologically by iDATA to an appointment and announced by e-mail.

The list of necessary documents according to the purpose of the trip can be found under the following link. The iDATA Call Center is not authorised for the necessary documents. When booking an appointment online, the necessary documents are automatically displayed depending on the purpose of the trip. Please note that all documents are fully prepared before booking an appointment.

NOTE: Please note that the necessary documents must be submitted in full to the German missions abroad or to the iDATA branches during the application process.

Required documents for the national visa application (employment, research, study, language course, internship, internship)

For the other application categories (loss of the German residence card) you can book your appointment by calling 0850 460 8493. The applicant’s name – surname, date of birth, passport number, e-mail address and telephone number is required for the appointment booking.