You can fill in your application form online on the VIDEX page where you will access the button below. You can find the user manual of VIDEX (online application form) on the relevant button.
After completing the application form, we ask that you check all the information again. Do not forget to sign the signature fields on pages 4. 5. and 6. You must bring the completed electronic application form with your documents to the iDATA office.

If you cannot fill out the form online, you can fill out the form and fill it manually. We would like to remind you that the process may take some time, as all information in the iDATA office must be entered again in manually filled forms.

Turkey's Diplomatic representatives of the German work together iDate visa application centers to fill out the application form also offers a service. Applicants wishing to benefit from this service can benefit from the filling service of the Schengen application form by paying extra fee per application at iDATA offices. The employees of the application center enter the information submitted by the applicant in an online form and then add a printout to the application file. Only the information transmitted by the applicant is entered in this form.

The form-filling service is entirely optional, and information about the visa application is always free. This process is not related to the completeness of the visa documents and does not affect the decision on the visa. The responsibility for the decision on the outcome of the application is not in the visa application center. Only the applicants can benefit from the form filling service.

Online Form (Videx) User Manual

Online Application Form (Videx Form)

Schengen Application Form