National Visa (Over 90 day)

For your national visa applications (over 90 days) to the German Embassies in Turkey, you can get an appointment from the (0850 460 8493) phone number. For the constitution of appoinments, the name, surname, passport number, e-mail adress and phone number of tha applicant/applicants are required.

iDATA is the only company authorized for giving appointments. We would like to advice you; strangers/third people who have no connection with our embassies and have no effect on your application process but present themselves as authorized to give you this kind of a service.

You can submit your National Visa Applications to the related Consulate/Embassy; only by getting an appointment, appointment date, appointment time from our Call Center (0850 460 84 93). During the application process it is necessarily important to bring along the complete required documents. National Visa Fee is charged only by the Consulate or Embassy during the application.

Here you can view the National Visa appointment creation fee for each individual. Fees

Get Your National Appointment

Family Reunification of Syrian Citizens

Appoinments referring to family reunification can be booked and paid from credit card choices.

Online appointment is only possible for family reunification visa applications of Syrian citizens. For all other situations; Please call iDATA call center (0850 460 84 93) to get a an appointment.