Have decided to take biometric information (fingerprint registration) from all applicants applying for visa in Turkey as of 25 September 2014. The gathered information shall be used for the European Visa Information System (VIS). Visa Departments of Embassies/Consulates are bound by the said European decision and obliged to apply it.

If your fingerprints have not been taken under any Schengen visa application in the last five years, you must apply in person to iDATA offices due to this fingerprinting requirement.


  • Fingerprint information given for countries outside the Schengen zone is not valid.
  • Fingerprints must be given again after name changes following marriage or divorce.
  • Fingerprints given for your passport at the issuing authority are also not valid.
  • You may have to come to iDATA offices for fingerprinting, even for passports labeled with VIS, in exceptional cases according to updates from consulates.
  • Applicants from 0 to 12 years of age are exempted from fingerprinting. But, they are advised to be present at the application office.