Germany Visa Processing Remuneration Table

Warning: We would like to state that only Euro banknotes are accepted at our offices and banknotes of 200 Euros and above are not accepted.

Visa Fee + iDATA Coordination Fee

Visa fee:

  • The visa fee will be collected on behalf of the diplomatic missions (Consulate / Embassy) in return for visa processing.
  • The visa fee is accepted in cash amount in Euros. It is requested that the visa fee be paid in full and ready.
  • When staying together primarily in Germany case does not apply (eg Turkish citizen, who goes to Germany for a business trip to Germany, but in his English wife Turkey when staying) should be a Schengen visa fees. (see note 3)

Visa Fee (Cash, €) Age 0 - 6 Age 6 - 12 Age 12+
Citizens of the Republic of Turkey 0 € ( Cash , € ) 0 € ( Cash, € ) 80 € ( Cash, € )
Other than citizens of the Republic of Turkey 0 € ( Cash, € ) 40 € ( Cash, € ) 80 € ( Cash, € )
*Other 0 € ( Cash, € ) 35 € ( Cash, € ) 35 € ( Cash, € )

*Other: Citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Cape Verde, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Kosovo

iDATA Coordination Fee:

  • The iDATA coordination fee is charged as service charge for each transaction.
  • iDATA and Premium Lounge coordination fees are accepted in Turkish Liras in cash for the equivalent of the Euro amount or may be paid by credit card.
iDATA Coordination Fee
Age 0 - 6 Age 6 +
0 TL 555 TL ( Cash or Credit Card )

Additional Services to Visa and Coordination Fee
  • Our additional Services are subject to your preference and are charged in addition to Visa and Coordination fees.
  • Die Stadt, in der Sie ansässig sind und die İDATA Filiale in dem der Antrag gestellt wird, sollten in derselben Verwaltungsbezirk der zuständigen Vertretung (Botschaft oder Konsulat) sein. Wenn sich die iDATA Filiale, bei dem Sie Ihren Antrag stellen, außerhalb des Zuständigkeitsbereichs der diplomatischen Vertretung befindet, werden für diese Dienstleistung zusätzlich Servicegebühren (External Application center Service fees) in Rechnung gestellt.
Premium Lounge Service Fee
Age 0 - 12 Age 12+
643 TL ( Cash or Credit Card ) 1268 TL ( Cash or Credit Card )

Other Additional Services
Filling in the Application Form ( Cash or Credit Card ) 77 TL
Passport delivery by cargo ( Cash or Credit Card ) 98 TL
Biometric photo (only Cash) 60 TL
Printing services (Photocopies, fax, Mail) ( Cash or Credit Card ) 3 TL (per page)
SMS ( Cash or Credit Card ) 25 TL (per SMS)
External Application center Service fees ( Cash or Credit Card ) 220 TL

You can get information and support from our iDATA staff about all our additional services.

Note: Due to our data security policy, documents cannot be printed from devices such as USB memory.

National Visa Appointment Fee
  • National appointment made by our call center (Family reunification for over 90 days, Study visa, Appointments for applications to be made from external representations for visas etc.) must be paid for their requests.
  • The national visa appointment fee is accepted in the TL.
  • The National Appointment through the call center is provided only by iDATA.
National Appointment Fee (TL - Credit Card)
132 TL

"As of February 2, 2020 the schengen visa fee increased from 60 Euros to 80 Euros for the adults and from 35 Euros to 40 Euros for the applicants between 6 and 12 ages."