All iDATA application centers accept visa applications, regardless of the city or county in which you live in Turkey. However, the diplomatic missions have certain administrative districts. Accordingly, each iDATA application center is linked to a specific agency. Your application will be sent through the iDATA application centers, to the visa department of the responsible Embassy.

The city in which you are located and the iDATA application center in which the application is made should be in the same administrative district of the responsible representation (embassy or consulate). If the iDATA application center where you submit your application is outside the scope of the diplomatic representation, additional service fees will be charged for this service. Details about the service fees can be found here.

The following image lists the administrative districts of the three diplomatic representations of the Federal Republic of Germany and the affiliated iDATA application centers.

Select the city from the area below to find the nearest office information to the city you are applying for.