February 2017


We ask you to understand that the payment of the appointment for online booking of an appointment for a family reunion for Syrian citizens will no longer be possible with an overseas transfer (e.g. a German bank account).

Please use alternatives [listed here] to make future payments.

Overseas transfers made before 01.03.2017 are still available for booking an appointment. Act as if it is on the reservation mask described under [www.nationalvisagermany.idata.com.tr] . Please understand that the appropriation of your payment will take more than a week in individual situations.

All overseas transfers made after the date of 01.03.2017 are no longer available to book an appointment. In such cases, the amount transferred will be refunded. Please use the reservation form in the booking mask and select "Fee Refund". In order for the reimbursement to be successful, please attach the full name, address, bank and IBAN number.

Applicants who made payments before 01.03.2017 may use their payment for appointment reservations.