1. When should I submit my visa application?

You may apply for a Schengen visa maximum 180 days before your trip begins. Considering that the legal process of the Consulate's visa department is 15 days, we recommend you to make your application appointments as early as possible.

2. Can I apply without submitting my passport?

No, your passport is the first document to be submitted during a visa application. Therefore, it should be submitted to our iDATA office to be delivered to the Consulate.

3. Can I make my visa application from any iDATA office?

Yes. All iDATA offices accept your visa applications regardless of the province and district of your residence in Turkey. Your application shall be submitted to the visa department of the authorized diplomatic representation office in the province and district of your residence by iDATA. You can find our nearest office here.

4. Why are my fingerprints required for a Schengen visa?

The 28 countries of the Schengen Agreement decided to obtain biometric data (fingerprint records) of all applicants from Turkey as of 25 September 2014. The data obtained shall be used for European Visa Information System (VIS). Germany Visa Departments are bound by the said European regulation and responsible for its implementation.

5. Where are my fingerprints taken?

Your fingerprints are taken at iDATA offices during personal applications to be submitted to Consulate Information System. +link

6. Should I have to be fingerprinted for each Schengen visa application?

No, fingerprints taken during the visa processes of Schengen countries are valid for 5 years. In exceptional cases, iDATA may need to take your fingerprints again pursuant to the requests of the Consulates.

7. When should I provide my fingerprints?

Fingerprints taken for Schengen visa as of 25 September 2014 are valid for 5 years, but the fingerprints should be taken again in the following cases: • The fingerprints taken during visa applications for countries other than Schengen countries are not valid.

• In surname changes due to marriage or divorce, the person should be fingerprinted again.

• The fingerprints taken at your passport issuing authority are not valid.

• In exceptional cases, depending on updates from the Consulates, you may need to revisit iDATA offices for fingerprinting even if you have a passport with valid fingerprints.

8. My visa application was rejected, are the fingerprints I provided still valid?

No, based on the biometry process, in negative (rejected) visa results the fingerprints should be provided again during your next application.

9. Does the fingerprints given for a visa with a VIS registry obtained upon my previous application remains valid despite the rejection of my current visa application?

Yes, it does; if the application for the visa with a VIS was in the last 5 years, the fingerprints provided remain valid.

10. Can I come to iDATA for application without making an appointment?

You need to make an appointment for the visa applications from iDATA offices. Visa applications for Germany may be submitted without an appointment at our Istanbul Harbiye and Izmir offices. You may make an appointment for the requested and suitable date and time from the appointment section.

11. How can I make an appointment for my application from iDATA?

You may make an appointment for the requested and suitable date and time from the appointment section at www.idata.com.tr with your Passport and travel information. This service is free of charge.

12. Can I make an appointment to submit an application on the same day?

Yes. Depending on the availability of the appointments, you can make an appointment on the same day.

13. Where can I pay the visa fee and iDATA service fee?

Application payments for all trips up to 90 days (Schengen) are made at our pay-desks once the procedures at the iDATA office are finalised.

14. Where can I find the visa and iDATA Coordination (service) fees?

You may find all fee information here.

15. Are there any differences in visa fees or iDATA service fees when fingerprints are not provided?

Yes, you may find all fee information here.

16. I am a Turkish citizen (I hold a Turkish passport) but I reside in a country outside the Schengen zone with a residence permit. Where should I apply for a German/Italian Schengen visa?

You should apply in the country of your residence.