iDATA is the only officially authorized institution in Turkey for Germany and Italy visa applications. Our company offers Call Center Services for both countries in addition to Visa Application Center services.

Within this framework, our policy as the Human Resources Unit is to protect and develop our communication oriented, dynamic, team-spirited corporate culture of understanding international diversity, respecting differences and emphasizing equality. iDATA provides you a working environment that feels like family yet still professional, within the framework of the laws and under a principled management approach.


Our Company accepts applications over and secretcv employment portals and through our own website. All of the applications sent to iDATA are evaluated carefully by our Human Resources Team. As per our policy of "right candidate in the right position" and pursuant to the competence-based interviews conducted by our Human Resources Team, candidates meet with department managers. Selected candidates are again approached by our Human Resources Team for a job offer.

You may find brief information about the positions at iDATA offices below. You may send your applications for the position that you find suitable based on your qualifications by completing the following form.

Visa Consultant: Visa consultant receives visa application files, evaluates them in terms of compliance with the procedures, conducts the necessary controls and keeps the required records.

Call Center Customer Representative: Call Center Customer Representative answers the questions of applicants with regard to visa processes and makes the appointments. The candidates who are able to answer calls in at least one of the languages of Turkish, German, English, Arabic or Italian will be given preference.

Fingerprinting Officer: Fingerprinting Officer takes the fingerprints of the applicants and records these through the relevant programs.

Data Entry Personnel: Data entry personnel carries out the recording of all application files within the relevant programs fully and without any errors.

Pay Desk Officer: Pay Desk Officer collects the fees for each application fully and accurately and is responsible for bookkeeping.

Consultancy and Additional Services Officer: Welcomes applicants, checks their appointments and gives them their numbers for the queue. Also performs the services of Taking Biometric Photos, Photocopy/Fax/Email services.

Passport Distribution Officer: Passport Distribution Officer is responsible for returning the passports to their owners after the visa application is completed and the passports are received from the Consulate.

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