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I want to apply for a visa to Italy.
I want to apply for a visa to Germany.

Please complete your visa application as soon as possible. You may make your visa application up to three months before the start of your trip. Visa sections at the consulates try to conclude the application procedures as soon as possible, however due to excessive workload, technical problems or lack of sufficient number of personnel, the processing period might be longer than expected. Please do not forget that after the documents you prepare for the application are submitted to the authorized Consulate by iDATA and the examination procedures by the Consulate are completed, a certain period of time is required before your passport can be sent back to iDATA. In the same manner, if you requested your application to be sent via courier, the delivery time for your passport may be longer than expected. Please keep in mind that the processing period might be longer due to German/Italian and Turkish public holidays (Easter, Eid-al-Fitr, Feast of Sacrifice, Christmas, and New Year).


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